3 Dirty Lies About Diabetes Told By Negligent Doctors

If someone harms another person, does it really matter if it was “innocently” out of ignorance or intentionally with malice?

It’s been said a scalpel can be used to save a life, or take a life, depending on the user and their intentions. Scary thought, huh?

NOTE: This article is not a “Diabetes 101” overview, but rather assumes you already know what it means to be a diabetic and are aware of the most common causes and symptoms, whether as a first hand sufferer — or the loved one of someone dealing with this terrible disease.

I have good news and bad news.

First, the good news. Diabetes can be conquered, at best… and controlled, at least. In a few moments I’ll share more about this good news, along with a few useful and exciting resources to help you be a “Diabetic Conqueror.”

Now, the bad news. You’ve been lied to by people you trust, specifically your doctors.



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